City Council Endorsements

Mike T.: "As a 26 year resident of Rancho Santa Margarita, I'm supporting Shawn Gordon in his run for city council. Why? Well, he understands what works and what doesn't work in our unique environment and has the drive and conviction to make this city even better than it is. I appreciate his desire to make this a place for all of us and our children to thrive and be safe and prosperous in. If you feel this same way, then join me in voting for Shawn Gordon for RSM city council."

David C., RSM since 2008: "Shawn is an asset to Rancho Santa Margarita. His 'Family Man' mentality fits right in with the needs and wants of this community. Every time I talk to him his ideas guide our conversations and I am left wanting to help more. If there is anyone more interested in the needs of our community than me, it is Shawn."

Kenney H.: "I support Shawn Gordon for RSM city Council. As a fellow RSM small business owner, he brings Energy and fresh ideas to the Dias."

Lisa R., RSM since 1999: "Shawn would make a great addition to RSM city council. I've known him to deeply care about this city, thoroughly research any issue before rendering a position and would actively represent our concerns. He also brings a desire to be involved in the best of what is RSM; it's people."

Andy H., RSM since 1998: "I've known Shawn and his family for several years. Shawn knows how to creatively solve problems, void of any political bias. He will be a great asset to our City Council."

Laura H., RSM since 2003: "I support Shawn Gordon’s run for RSM City Council. Shawn is a creative businessman that shows a proven track record for problem solving and running successful businesses with his innovative ideas. Shawn wants to make our kids a priority which is so important along with addressing some of the drug issues the city has. I support Shawn."

Scott J., RSM since 2006: "As a long-time and active resident of Rancho Santa Margarita, Shawn is well connected with the community. He knows the citizens and understands their wants and needs. His traditional family values and high integrity will serve him well as a representative of our city."

Alicia C., RSM since 1997: "I highly recommend and support Shawn Gordon for city council. He is a man of integrity and great character. He is one of the most intelligent and hardest working individuals I know. He would be such an asset to RSM in so many ways. We need someone with passion for our city and strength to fight for what is necessary to keep our city as wonderful and safe as can be. Shawn is very personable & easy to talk to, he knows ways to help and to implement them into action. Shawn Gordon would be an incredible asset to the RSM council and my family and neighbors will be voting for him. You should to!"

Andre B., RSM since 2013: "Shawn Gordon has lived and been active in RSM for 20 years. His dedication to the community started from day one, participating in events, and attending counsel meetings. He is a natural and fitting candidate for the RSM city counsel. With certainty, he will approach the role with dedication and commitment."

Val J., RSM since 2008: "I recommend Shawn for city council. He is bright, hard working and devoted to the good of the city."

Kim B., RSM since 1991: "I have know Shawn and his family for many years. He is a dedicated family man, a hard working business man and very active in our community. As part of the RSM City Council, I believe he could bring a fresh perspective and creative ideas and problem solving solutions to help continue making RSM a great place to live."

Clay T., RSM since 1990: "I support Shawn Gordon's run for RSM City Council. Shawn is very concerned about our community and the way it spends money. Shawn would be a great watch dog on the city council. Some of our city council members have been in office since the inception of our city. It is time for a change and fresh new ideas. I support Shawn and so should you!"

Joe N., RSM since 1996: "As a resident since 1996 I am endorsing Shawn Gordon for city council. After meeting and speaking with Shawn about issues facing our city I have learned a lot. His thoughts and vision for the city are thoughtful, progressive and rooted in fiscal reality. I believe Shawn has the experience, integrity and commitment to keep our city safe and a great place to live."