About Shawn

Shawn Gordon is an established leader with a wide and varied set of skills and experiences that make him uniquely qualified to address the interests of the residents and businesses of Rancho Santa Margarita on its City Council:

Shawn's Campaign Statement

Rancho Santa Margarita is a special place and the place I chose to raise my children. We have had good stewardship since our incorporation, and our founders deserve our thanks and appreciation, but now 20 years on, it is time for a new view and perspective of what we can do in our city to continue to be a leader, far into the future.

The breadth and depth of my experience within many sectors of the business world as a problem solver and my work with government agencies, has provided a unique and solid background for me to serve as your Council member.

As someone that is always called in to fix a critical problem, I'm extremely adept at evaluating a scenario quickly and finding a unique, cost effective solution to that problem. I see a problem as an opportunity to find a solution.

As I talk to people within the town, I hear many complain about a variety of issues, most of which can be solved easily, but those people are flustered by where to start, so that is what I want to do for you. "Let's fix what is bothering you". Some small examples are:

Bigger issues entail items such as:

I am intensely interested in our community as a whole, my primary goals for the City are:

I’ve already secured a commitment with a new electric car company to open their first sales facility here in Rancho Santa Margarita when their manufacturing is finalized in the next 18 months.

I moved to Rancho just 3 weeks before my daughter was born. When asked if I'd move, I semi-jokingly tell people that I want the house burnt down over my dead body as a grave site. I want to be here until my last breath.

I have a lot of history with a lot of people in this town, and I hope I can earn your support so I can serve you. I appreciate the service of our city council, but with everyone there currently having been at city hall between 8 and 18 years, it is time for fresh ideas. I respectfully ask for your vote in November.